Cleaning up at Truro

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AM Clearances offer an affordable, reliable and above all professional house clearance service across Truro and cornwall. Please contact us for a free consultation.

How to avoid fly tippers

flyWhen clearance companies take rubbish to the local dump it can cost from anywhere from a few pounds to thousands, it really depends on what is being disposed of. A clearance company that constantly fly tips will be saving thousands of pounds each year and this is why many do it.

There is no way you can be certain that your unwanted belongings won’t be fly-tipped illegally but there is a few things you can do to reduce those changes to a bare minimal.

House clearance companies have overheads such as fuel, labour and tipping fees. If a price sounds too cheap then it might be and they intend to dump your stuff on the side of a road, down an ally or even a field – who knows. Be sure to get quotations from multiple businesses to look for any major in differences of pricing

Why do people hoard?

hoardOffering house clearance services means from time to time we are called to a home or property where hoarding as been the reason for clutter. On such jobs removal of items can cause extreme distress for the client, we are experienced at dealing with these issues and can share some of the information we have learnt.

Two behaviours characterise hoarding: acquiring too many possessions and difficulty getting rid of them when they are no longer useful or needed. When these behaviours lead to enough clutter and disorganisation to disrupt or threaten a person”s health or safety, or they lead to significant distress, then hoarding becomes a “disorder.” A major feature of hoarding is the large amount of disorganised clutter that creates chaos in the home.  Such as:

  • Rooms can no longer be used as they were intended
  • Moving through the home is difficult
  • Exits are blocked

What kinds of things do people who hoard typically save?

It may appear that people who hoard save only rubbish or things of no real value.  In fact, most people who hoard save almost everything. Often this includes things that have been purchased but never removed from their original wrapper. The most frequently saved items are:

  • Clothes
  • Newspapers

Other commonly hoarded items include:

  • Containers
  • Junk mail
  • Books
  • Craft items

A&M Clearances advises any family worried regarding a loved one that maybe suffering from a hoarding disorder to contact your family doctor. Disorders can be treat and sufferers can escape the circle of behaviour.

Why we love working in Truro

truroA&M clearances offer our house clearance service across Truro and love to do so! Its many and varied offer of arts, clubs & bars, restaurants, a cinema, the Hall for Cornwall, Truro Cathedral and the Royal Cornwall Museum make it a year round place to visit and a lovely place for the people luckily enough to live there.

A place with so much history and so many awe-inspiring buildings , there is plenty to things to do and take in. Whether you are keen to shop, dine with friends, visit the gardens, an event or simply meander through the Georgian streets we are sure you will enjoy your visit to Truro.

We like to think that our business compliments and enhances the level of service you can expect from a small business in Truro. We offer all aspects of house clearance, with affordable pricing to suit all budgets.

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