We are often asked if we can provide quotes over the phone. This is possible if we’re being asked to clear only one or two items, and when they can be well described to us. It is almost impossible to do this for a large area that needs clearing, as the price we quote you is largely dependent on the weight and volume of the clearance load. (This is what we are charged upon at the commercial tip). Obviously we can get a much better idea of weight from actually looking at (and sometimes even lifting) what needs to be cleared as opposed to having it described to us.

If we can inspect in person what there is to be cleared, we can also ascertain whether there is anything of any value, This can benefit you, by reducing the amount that will need to be dealt with at the commercial tip, which in turn, reduces the cost.

The price we quote you will be inclusive of all tipping charges and labour, and will be final. The only factor that would change the price we initially quoted you, would be if you asked us to clear more than we originally agreed upon and quoted you for. The price is likely to increase in-line with the added weight and time taken to do the work. We will inform you of any price increase prior to loading additional items onto the van.